Shaukat General Transport L.L.C
  • Dubai: +971-4-2634-316
  • Abu Dhabi: +971-2-554-8571
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SHAUKAT GENERAL TRANSPORT a team of experts incorporated to help meeting the challenges faced by construction sector in the field of earth work, heavy equipments, supply of aggregates, transportation and logistics. Whether its removal of large sand dunes, the excavation of basements for a skyscraper, the construction of access roads in the deserts, the hire of different kind of equipments, the timely supply of building materials on site or relocation of a whole plant to a new place. We are a helping hand that is always there in projects with tight time line and large scope of subcontracting works. Founded in 1986 Dubai UAE and expanded to Abu Dhabi in 2012, SHAUKAT GENERAL TRANSPORT is a dynamic and preferred solution provider in the fields of civil and heavy construction, engineering, oil and gas, recycling and demolition. We have vast range of expertise in the fields of subcontracting, heavy construction equipments rentals and transportation as well as supply of aggregates and construction materials.